Before and After


Ellie is a working mother. Everyone knows having a new born is a full time job in itself, but when you add in a part time job to that equation, your time to exercise, prepare healthy meals and cook becomes very limited. Ellie's busy lifestyle took a toll on her health and physique after giving birth, gaining weight and feeling worse week by week.

She came to EEPN for help. Help to get her health back on track, to rid of the excess weight she had piled on and help to start looking and feeling good again. The results you can see here were achieved with minimal exercise AND eating the things she loved, thanks to her personalised nutrition plan from her nutrition advisor. Ellie now spends plenty of time with her child, works a full time job and still has time to herself now she doesn't have to worry about what she's going to be eating and if its healthy or not.


Gary is a family man, farther of 3, husband, university student and working businessman. He works 9-5, Monday to Friday alongside his university studies and his job involves sitting at a desk for most of the day. Ever tried running a family, working 9-5, having time to yourself, time to workout AND finding the time to prepare healthy food each night? Nearly impossible. Well that was until he contacted EEPN.

Gary came to EEPN sick of the effects his super busy lifestyle were having on his health, physique, mood, confidence and energy levels. After speaking with his nutrition advisor in his free consultation, Gary decided to join EEPN to take away the time and stress of food shopping and the uncertainty of 'is this healthy?' when attempting to clean up his nutrition. A few short weeks later and Gary has bounds of energy and time, he looks healthier, feels great and even now has time to workout 3/4x per week. He is well on the road to his long term goal – abs!


Kieran, managing director of EEPN, has always had a passion for nutrition, training and anything related to health and improving oneself. While studying Sport and Exercise Science at university, Kieran made the most of the student lifestyle, socialising sometimes up to 4x per week! All of the partying and eating nutrition-less food took its toll on Kieran's physique pretty quickly. Although he was still working out 4-5x per week, the inconsistency in nutrition let his physique slip. Kieran quickly realised it was his nutrition that was letting him down so he decided to attend various courses, certificates and seminars from world leading coaches and nutrition experts to help increase his knowledge.

All of this new knowledge, along with putting a stop to all the partying, enabled him to create an impressive physique that has helped him win various fitness modelling titles and a sponsorship with the worlds leading supplement brand – Optimum Nutrition. After university, he went on to spend a full year personal training one to one clients and also online clients located all over the globe. This experience has helped Kieran deal with people from all different backgrounds with all kinds of different lifestyles, issues and goals.