Client Stories

Scott Dann, Crystal Palace FC Captain

"Most people know that what we eat is our fuel for performance and being a premier league footballer, performance is by far my number one goal. To perform at 100% on a daily basis, I need to be adequately fuelled and fully recovered as quickly as possible too, which can be quite a hard job. However, Eat Elite took all that hard work off my hands. The consultation process went into depth about my training, my current nutrition and lifestyle and they tailored a plan to suit me and my goal. The food is excellent quality and always delicious. I'm feeling better than ever. I'm energised during training and games and my recovery has also improved too. I receive a call from my nutrition advisor each week to see how the past week has been and this gives me a chance to be educated on nutrition and how it can help me perform at my best. With Eat Elite I don't even have to think about nutrition. I can put all my focus into performing at my best!"

Tom, London

"A friend initially told me about EE after he saw the food they were preparing on facebook. Whilst I've always been pretty strict in terms of a gym routine my nutrition has generally let me down, partly due to lack of knowledge and partly because I work long hours and often don't have time to prepare fresh meals on a daily basis. Everyone talks about eating more protein, but it wasn't until I had the consultation with EE that I realised how much more there is to your diet than just that... My nutrition advisor went through my existing diet and helped me understand areas for improvement, based on my lifestyle and routine. He then built a nutrition plan around me. The food has always arrived on time and the team have kept in contact to make sure I've been happy with what I've received. The meals are extremely tasty, high quality, and also beyond what I'd have ever cooked at home in terms of creativity! I'd highly recommend EE to anyone who leads a busy lifestyle, enjoys being active, wants to improve nutrition and appreciates quality food!"

Louise & Chris, Liverpool

"Myself and my Husband decided to use Eat Elite as we both have busy lifestyles with work and he also competes in Jujitsu competitions so has to keep his weight down. Using Eat Elite has made a huge difference to our nutrition and lifestyle as the food is amazing and we actually look forward to our next meal because it all tastes so good! We never feel bloated and are always full as meals are well balanced with good sized portions. My Husband went into the Euros feeling in the best shape ever and won gold! This was one of the reasons we decided to continuously use Eat Elite so we can stay in the best shape possible all year round."

Mohammad, Leicestershire

"I would like to start by thanking the eat elite team for their continuous help. I initially came across eat elite via a random google search for different meal plans and whilst surfing the eat elite website and reading the different options available I thought it may be beneficial to go through the free initial consultation.

As a follower of the religion of Islam, fasting during the day in the month of Ramadan becomes obligatory. In previous years it has been very difficult to fit in a healthy diet during the month. After the thorough but simple questions a meal plan was suggested. I was convinced this year could be different and a positive outcome could be achieved.

Prior to the month I checked my weight, body fat and muscle mass (kg) so after starting eat elite during the month of Ramadan a comparison of results can be made. As the month has come to an end, all I can give is nothing but positive feedback, with the food being of great taste, variety and most importantly being healthy. I can say because of eat elite a small but definite improvement has been seen in my health and appearance. The results can be confirmed through the numbers as at the end of the month a second round of measurements were taken, with an increase in my weight and muscle mass (kg) but more importantly with an decrease in my body fat percentage.

Due to the positive impact that has seen, I have decided to carry on with eat elite with a different meal plan which can fit around my busy work schedule. As working long hours, preparing meals can be very difficult and time consuming but with the convenience of eat elite everything so far has been ideal. I would definitely recommend everyone to give it a try and I'm sure results will be seen."