We are a team of professionals hugely motivated by helping others suceed and achieve fantastic results. We only ever strive for top quality products & service and work with plenty of passion. With the experience and knowledge of our dedicated team, along with a close analysis of the competition out there in todays busy meal prep industry, we believe that we have the perfect service set up in such a way it cannot be challenged or even come close too by anyone else out there.

Here's why:

Food Quality

Our meats are provided by our very own master butcher who own’s his own land and animals in Ireland making 90% of our meat produce British & traceable.

Our vegetables are locally sourced from a local family business in the countryside of the north west – which happens to be one of the best area’s in the country for quality of growing land.


Not only do we source the freshest of ingredients, we also vacuum pack our food removing any oxygen from the container, extending the shelf life of each dish (frozen food is a thing of the past!) along with a next day delivery service in ice packed boxes keeps the food cool giving each client the freshest food possible, days later.


Healthy eating will get a client healthy, but it won’t always get them in great shape. We prefer to tailor our meal plans from the very beginning. Free consultations are always available from a nutrition advisor who can create a nutrition plan based on each clients’ lifestyle, goals, allergies / intolerances, current nutrition & budget.


We believe variety creates consistency & consistency creates results. This is why we rotate the food each delivery for up to 6 weeks.

Portion Sizes

We’re not a fan of really low calorie diets that make clients hungry, grumpy & tired. We prefer our clients to eat large portions spaced further apart leaving them feeling full, satisfied & happy. Snacking – which can often lead to overeating - isn’t needed when using Eat Elite.


No long term contracts, change your meal plan at any moment.

Nutrition Support

Each client will receive support from their own nutrition advisor. Contact us anytime if you have any questions. Alternatively we’ll be in touch with our clients every other week to ensure progress is being made. We can also provide documentation to help each client stay on track on the days they’re not receiving Eat Elite food.


Meals starting from only £4.50. This determines the clients weekly and monthly price depending on how many meals per day and days per week the client requires..