The Eat Elite Story


Eat Elite Professional Nutrition was established in 2014 by Former Personal Trainer, Online Physique Coach, Sport Scientist and Advanced Nutrition Specialist – Kieran Congdon.

“You can have the best workout in the world and you can workout 7 days per week. But if your nutrition isn’t right then you’ll never see the results you want” – Kieran

In 2014 Kieran was running his personal training business in Merseyside alongside his online training business coaching people from all over the globe, whilst preparing for the WBFF Fitness Modelling Competition in November. During a 121 training session, one of Kieran’s client suggested hiring a personal chef to cook his food for him, as he had always struggled with his nutrition because of his busy lifestyle and lack of time to prep. Kieran knew that if his client hired a chef, this would increase the chances of him seeing results, as it was his nutrition that had always stopped him progressing. What would increase his chances even more so, would be if Kieran himself was to cook his clients’ meals. This way Kieran would know exactly 100% everything the client was eating (the dream of every personal trainer!).

After a few weeks of his client receiving his food daily, the pounds started to fall off him. Week by week his client was seeing great progress. This was the first time his client had seen real progress, that stayed off! Because of this transformation, other clients started to ask for the same service, then other gym members started asking for the service too. It got to the point where Kieran was spending more time in his kitchen at home than in the gym training people! At this point he knew there was a BIG demand and decided to look for a qualified chef and a bigger kitchen to supply, which was nearly half of Merseyside at this point, with the personalised food they so badly needed.

After getting his team of passionate chefs together, Kieran worked with them on creating delicious healthy menu's. From here Eat Elite was born!

Social media pages were set up, launch events were held, flyers were distributed, tasters we’re sampled and the demand soon snowballed further afield with request after request coming in from all over the country. Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds & London!

A short 6 months later and from what started with Kieran cooking in his kitchen for a few of his personal training clients, it has now evolved into a national company serving personalised nutrition to people all over the UK including Premiership Footballers, Professional Rugby Players, Ironmen, Athletes, Businessmen, Mothers & Children.